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Hawaiian Seat Covers


Brighten up your car or truck with our stylish Hawaiian car seat covers!

Our car seat covers are padded, quilted, machine washable, universal fitting, easy to install and come in two styles:

Universal Two-Piece style: This semi-custom style of bucket seat coverscome with two pieces for each of your seats: a seat cover and a headrest cover. If your headrests ARE removable our Two Piece Style seat covers will give you the best fit.

Universal One-Piece style: These buckets seat covers are one piece that goes over the entire seat, (including the headrest). If your headrests are NOT removable the One Piece Style seat covers are for you.




Price is PER PAIR:                       

One-Piece Style Two-Piece Style
Retail price: $69.95 per pair Retail price: $79.95 per pair
OUR PRICE: $49.95 per pair OUR PRICE: $59.95 per pair

When you order "1" of either style you are ordering ONE PAIR, (for a total of two car seat covers).
• These universal seat covers fit most cars and trucks without side air bag or armrests.


Click on a print below to see a close up and select to order: